Frequently Asked Questions To Mike


​​Q: What is included in your flat-rate quote?
A: Everything you would want at your event depending on the package you select: Music, MC, dance lighting, uplighting, slideshows, videos, KARAOKE, interactive trivia, fog machine, bubble machine, setup, preparation, administrative tasks, and travel. The optional-additional equipment include a generator and portable hardwood dance floor. 

Q: What attire will you wear to your event?

A: I will be dressed appropriately for your event to include themed or casual parties. Normal wedding attire is a suit and tie.

Q: Do you offer Karaoke services?

A: YES! Very few mobile DJs in this area offer both. I DO! My catalog consists of over 300,000 titles to include new releases. I have a link to part of my library on the TOOLS page.​

Q: I am interested in your services, how do I get things started?

A: I begin with a no-obligation in-person consultation near your location. This will give the opportunity to meet each other and discuss your event and I can explain what I have to offer you. If you choose to use my services we work the administrative details out and you will be booked. Administrative details include the contract and a deposit (retainer). I then supply you with worksheets to complete prior to your event. If there is a large distance between us, we can communicate by video, phone and email using electronic documents. The contract and planning worksheets are available anytime on the TOOLS page.

Q: Will you play requests from the guests?

A: The music I play at events include songs that are the ones that are popular and keep the energy going. I will take a request, but keep in mind some songs requested are not appropriate for the event. 

Q: What kind of events do you serve, just weddings?

A: I serve any and all events. Weddings are the most popular, but I have/also serve(d) school events, corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, private parties, golf tournament reception, house parties, motorcycle "bike night", sporting events, and more! 

Q: Speaking of playlists, What can I expect?

A: I have a very extensive music library with about every genre to include several different languages. I play what my clients want to hear, it is YOUR event! We can discuss the music at the consultation. For those who need a little help with song choices for their wedding ceremony and reception, I have song suggestions under my "TOOLS" tab. 

Q: Do you have wireless microphones?

A: Yes, I have 10 of them. 5 handheld and five tie-clip style.

Q: What time will you arrive to your event? 

A: Setup takes around 45 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of equipment required. I always add additional time in case I need to swap out equipment pieces that are not working. I will have music playing and be ready before the arrival of your guests.

Q: Will I be able to play a song from my iPhone at the event?

A: My library is very large. The music I have is high bit-rate and sounds great at all volumes. If I do not have a specific song you desire, I can get it! We will coordinate this at the consultation. 

​Q: Will you be able to play a photo slideshow during the event? 

A: Absolutely! I have HD LED TVs hooked to a dedicated MacBook for video. You will provide me with .jpg images for me to display using PowerPoint, iPhoto, or another method. A video may also be played over the TVs with audio over the DJ speakers. 

Q: What types of venues are you able to accommodate?

A: Any! I have different equipment capable of filling a small room, banquet hall, outdoor areas small and large, or about any other location imaginable with rich, full sound. I have the capability to use additional speakers in adjoining rooms as required. 

Q: My wedding ceremony is at a different location than the reception, will this be a problem?

​A: Not a problem. I have a dedicated setup just for wedding ceremonies that are at a different location than the reception. It includes high-power speakers, a mixing board, wireless microphones, and computer. This is INCLUDED in the flat-rate price of certain packages! I will have music playing for your guests at the ceremony before they are scheduled to arrive AND have my main setup in place at the reception site. 

​Q: My wedding will be in a remote location away from buildings and power. Will this be a problem? 

A: Absolutely no problem! I have battery-powered equipment. I  also have two generators. Generators are not included in my flat-rate pricing, but a low-cost addition.

Q: Is this your full-time business?

A: Yes. My clients and my company are my complete focus. My associate, Rico, is a full-time DJ and places just as much focus as I do. This is NOT a hobby or something we do "on-the-side". This adds to your confidence in our service! 


​Q: I want someone who can do more than play one song after another. An iPhone can be a "jukebox" for my wedding. What do you have to offer?

A: During social hour and dinner, music is played in the background at a moderate volume since people are having conversations and I will play the full-length songs. During open dance time I will play the music at a higher volume since dancing is the main focus. I will mix and beat match the songs with smooth transitions resulting in non-stop dancing for all ages and music tastes. 

​Q: I have been to events that had a DJ that just played music, do you interact with the crowd?

A: Absolutely! I make the necessary announcements and when there needs some encouragement, I provide it. I am NOT a DJ who talks just to hear my own voice, that is just annoying!

​Q: What sound equipment do you use and do you have backup equipment?

​A: I invested a large amount into my equipment and only use top-grade professional equipment. Please see the equipment page for details. "Life happens", I have a complete backup setup on-hand in case of equipment failure. The show goes on!

Q: Did I see that you can officiate a wedding?

A: Correct! I am ordained and able to officiate certain events. I have a "Letter of good standing" for weddings in Nevada and New York and my license for Hawai'i. 

​Q: Why should I choose you over the competition?

A: I take pride in what I do and commit my all to each and every event. I have experience in many different segments of the DJ industry. I offer my services with flat-rate prices without surprises. I have 2 additional offerings to include a 10'X12' hardwood dance floor and generators available upon demand for a small extra charge. I have substantiating feedback that reflects the quality of my work and my business. I am not the cheapest, but "you get what you pay for".