I have always been a music lover and after picking up the hobby of mixing music, why not do it for others? I began playing the guitar in elementary school, alto saxophone when I was in the 6th grade and was in my high school's nationally ranked jazz band and choir as a performer and sound technician. I learned the art of mixing music and mixed as a hobby while I was in my previous career, now I perform for others at their events. Being a DJ is what I do, not what I do on the side. You have my full dedication!  

​I retired from the US Air Force with just over 20 years of service and during this time I received several annual and multiple quarterly awards as well as honors and awards with valor with an impeccable service record. I am married with children and value family. I am active in the community and church. Integrity and service is extremely important and I will not settle for less, you will receive my total dedication for your event. 

I have taken no shortcuts in the choice of my equipment as I select only top-grade equipment. I mention on my services page that I have a complete alternate setup on-hand and a setup dedicated for wedding ceremonies that are in a different location than the reception. The last thing I want is to have an equipment failure and create a negative impact on your event. No event is too small as every event has personal meaning therefore it means everything to me.  My equipment is easy to set-up and tear down (Normally in an hour) and safely transported in an enclosed trailer. My display will compliment your setting as well as my attire will be appropriate for your event. Music choices and details will be discussed at the consultation. I am passionate about quality and providing the best service.

Thank you for spending a few minutes to view my web page and please do not hesitate in asking any and all questions about my services for your event.